Basics of

The Conzept

Colleagues with an interest in neuro-oncology will be provided with a basic understanding of multidisciplinary neuro-oncology. This curricular course is most suitable for physicians in training as well as basic science professionals with strong focus on neuro-oncology. Four one-day modules reflect the course of treatment of a typical patient:

  • MODULE 1: Initial contact, neuro-oncological surgery and pathology
  • MODULE 2: Radiation oncology and response assessment
  • MODULE 3: Medical tumor therapy and specific neurological aspects
  • MODULE 4: Supportive care and academic neuro-oncology

The modules will be held in seminar format. Speakers are senior NOA members. The offers opportunity to get to know NOA stakeholders and to build up a network in the field.

All participants receive a personal certificate as soon as all parts of the program have been successfully completed. A maximum of one modules may be replaced by an observership. Modules do not necessarily have to be taken in chronological order.