22.11.2021 -
Tender Kasprzak Foundation

The Kasprzak Family Foundation announces a research award of 10,000 € for an outstanding work in the field of neuro-oncology.

Who can apply: Researching physicians and scientists without a permanent position in Germany.

What is funded: Projects that make an important contribution to the study of neuro-tumor interactions, influences of tumor diseases and their therapies on the nervous system, or tumorigenesis, tumor progression, and therapy resistance of CNS tumors.

Endowment: 10.000 €

Application procedure: The application should be sent as a PDF document by e-mail to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick.

An application consists of the following parts:

  1. Information about the applicant
  2. State of research and own research work
  3. Description of the project
  4. CV including a maximum of 10 of the most important publications and the raised external funds.

    Application deadline: 20.12.2021