Clinical trials

We encourage active collaboration in the context of clinical trials.

Information about our clinical trials

One of the tasks of the NOA is the promotion of the field of clinical and experimental neuro-oncology as a sub-task of neurosciences and oncology. This is done mainly through active collaboration within the framework of clinical trials in the fields of:

  • Neurosurgery,
  • Neurology,
  • Neuropediatrics,
  • Neuropathology,
  • Neuroradiology,
  • Oncology,
  • Radiation therapy,
  • Basic subjects

Submit study proposal

  1. Submit a proposal for a NOA trial.
  1. The study committee reviews the proposal and decides whether all requirements for inclusion of the trial in the NOA study registry are met.
  1. The trial will be presented in the board meeting. During the meeting the inclusion in the NOA study registry will be voted on.
  1. If the evaluation is positive, a sequential number (e.g. NOA-10) will be assigned.


At the annual NOA meetings, all ongoing and planned NOA trials are presented and discussed. Active and interested Study centers are encouraged to participate in the implementation of NOA trials and by that time- and resource-efficient recruitment is supported.

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Our study committee

The NOA Study Committee reviews proposals for future NOA studies. The committee first checks content-related criteria (e.g. scientific relevance of the question, the definition of the endpoint, plausibility of the statistics, etc.) and agrees these with the applicants. In addition, it is checked whether exclusion criteria exist for the inclusion of a study in the NOA registry.

Exclusion criteria are:

  • Fully industry sponsored studies (ISTs)
  • Monocentric studies
  • Preclinical studies (e.g. animal studies)

If the committee considers all requirements for inclusion of a study in the NOA study registry to be fulfilled, the study is presented during the board meeting and a vote is taken on inclusion in the NOA study registry.

Please address proposals for a NOA study to Prof. Dr. Ulrich Herrlinger.